Marketing Technology

AR & VR Basics

Virtual Reality – Existing view of the world with the new digital experience.
Augmented Reality – It adds new visual or auditory layers to your existing reality.
Mixed Reality – It creates space for the physical and digital objects to co-exist and interact in real time together, by mixing real and virtual environment.
Head Mounted Display – It’s a tracking technique that can map your physical movement in digital space. Rotational Head Display, Positional Head Display, Eye Tracking, Room Scale Tracking and Gesture Tracking, are some of the HMD’s.
Interpupillary Distance(IPD)– It’s a space between the centre of your pupil.
Field of View – Is angle of the degree in your visual field. The range of human eye field is 200 degree, whereas headset field is only 110 Degree.
Avatar – Digital version of yourself for virtual space.
Social VR – It’s a shared collective virtual space for people from all over the world to interact.
Haptics – It’s a feedback mechanism to your gaming experience.
360 Video -It’s about transporting objects into a new place or space. Unlike VR this experience is more passive in nature.


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