Marketing Technology

Bed Sheet with a ‘Twist’ of Technology

In India, there are lakhs of people suffering from back pain. As per the study, the most common rationale for the same is the posture and sleeping pattern. ‘The basic problem is that people are not aware of the disorder’, said the know therapist.

The world is witnessing the biggest technology revolution. We are getting used to technology like never before. Smart Bed Sheet is another innovation in the same space to make our life more comfortable. It has multiple features to support and correct our health problems. A feature like A Posture analysis, Breath Monitor, Heartbeat Perception and sleep quality tracker, are taking the prevention wellness domain to a new high.

“when was the last time, you have seen relevant innovation brimming into your personal space?” Not lately, right? Yes, it can only become relevant, if it has the power to correct critical problems. That is why this innovation is catching up like a wildfire. Now go, grab one for you before the Stock last!


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