Marketing Technology

Smart Mug With Temperature Detector

Pretty much all of us have taken a sip of tea/coffee which is way too hot or too cold for our liking. The Smart Mug keeps you updated by indicating the optimal temperature of the beverage without any help from an external devices.

With the help of sensor and a nifty LED light display, it is able to give drinkers a quick and easy way to tell whether the beverage they are about to consume is still too hot, too cold or just right. Illustrations of a tea bag and coffee beans also indicate the average preferred temperature for each drink.

Its additional perks include that it is dishwasher safe and also Thermo-electric, which means that it draws power from the change in temperature and therefore doesn’t require cords or batteries.

It can be used by employees in an office who do not really have the time to worry about the temperature of the beverage they’re sipping.


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