Marketing Technology

The Air Pollution Forecast App

Now, open your lungs and breathe freely for ‘The Air Pollution Forecast App’ is here!

Its pollution forecasts are compiled using hourly data from sensors around cities, monitoring levels of nitrogen dioxide, ozone and carbon monoxide levels.

The Plume Air Report App provides users with timely, accurate and actionable information on live and predictive air pollution levels in their city. It helps you,

  •  Understand what you breathe and the impact of air pollutants on your health and well-being.
  •  Protect yourself and your family by planning your activities based on the Apps personalized alerts and recommendations to avoid pollution.
  •  Stay ahead of pollution thanks to hour-by-hour forecasts.
  •  Uses your phone’s location to give you air quality wherever you are, automatically.

It is useful for people on the go, probably travelling to work or a tourist exploring places.



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