Marketing Technology

World’s First Body And Mind Smart Bra

The lingerie brand Ultimo posted wearable technology as prank, with the mind & Body smart bra being able to connect to a smartphone. It was a limited edition smart bra.

This technology makes updating your your social media feeds a breeze, thanks to the seamless integrated innovative technology in the design of the bra. It tweets messages automatically based on how the wearer is feeling, thanks to built-in sensors. What’s more, It monitors physical responses in romantic situations. If a date is going particularly well, it will post to Twitter, “This date is red hot! Don’t wait Up!” or if badly, “Please send back up.”

The removable data loop snugly attaches to the bra’s back panel, and uses Bluetooth technology to seamlessly transfer data gathered by the sensors directly to the users smartphone. The data loop comes with a handy vibrating feature which indicates that it has gathered raw data, converting the vital signs (heart rate monitor, perspiration sensor, temperature sensor etc.)  into social-media friendly 140 character posts enabling you to wear your heart on your smart phone in emotional social situations.


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