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School Bus Tracking And Attendance

In today’s scenario, avoiding a mishap with the children has become a vital issue for both the parents and school management. The school Bus RFID tracking system is specifically designed for school transportation and attendance to track and monitor student ridership and presence in a safe and non-intrusive way.

The school bus is fitted with a GPS tracking device and RFID reader. Location details from the satellite is received on the GPS tracker module. Location details along with student attendance from RFID is transmitted via GPRS or 3G. Data from the device is received on the server through cellular network, which is stored for analysis. Alerts are sent via SMS and email to parents and transport managers. View live bus location details, students attendance and other reports from anywhere using the cloud based application.

Some of its features include:

  • An automated in-bus attendance system – Student attendance is updated with the help of an RFID reader.
  • Pick/drop and arrival SMS – Automated alerts are sent to parents mobile as per the bus route.
  • Route observance – SMS or an email is sent to the designated mobile when the bus goes off route.
  • Speed alerts – Email or SMS alerts of the location, speed details and graphical visuals are sent when the school bus over speeds.
  • Live tracking – Tracking the School bus travel live on the map with a default refresh rate of 10 secs.
  • SOS button – A button present in the drivers reach used to send instant alerts via SMS during an emergency.
  • Driver analysis – Automated reports about the driver behavior to evaluate duties like keeping up time, speed violations and driving habits.
  • Route replay – Check the exact route of the bus through visual movements on the map.
  • Driver identification – Get all driver details automatically.
  • Geo fencing – SMS and email alerts if the bus ventures out of the designated route.
  • Crisis management – In case of an emergency, just select the bus route and get the details of students like blood group and contacts mailed to the nearest hospital in minutes.
  • Customized POI – Customize your map with points of interest to make the application more user-friendly and informative.
  •  Voice call – With the black box placed in the bus, driver can make emergency voice calls or receive information from the school, hands free.
  • Downloadable reports – All reports with respect to attendance, bus location, speed, stoppage, history and other details can be downloaded or printed.
  • In-bus camera – Monitors the children to avoid any accidents.
  • Idling report – A report indicating the idle time and unnecessary stoppages.




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