Marketing Technology

Serenity : The World’s First Smart Bag Guardian

Serenity, a smart device that attaches to your bag to make it smarter. What is in your bag is valuable, and Serenity will make sure it stays safe. While enabled, opening your bag requires inputting a pass code or unlocking through the app.

Its features:

  • Serenity allows your bag to know when you are about to leave it behind with the help of notifications, and will gladly remind you before you get too far away.
  • If your zipper is unzipped, Serenity can be set to remind you to zip it back again via push notifications or a beep.
  • Serenity can automatically recognize you, and up to seven others by the smart devices you own and prevents others from moving or opening it.

It has a 100+ DB alarm and a water resistant design. The device notifies your smartphone if you are about to leave your bag behind. With Serenity, your bag will be in safer hands, and you can focus on the better things in life. Oh, and you won’t be forgetting your bag anymore either.


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