Marketing Technology

Smart Plant Watering System & Health Detector

This device depicts various expressions on the small, built-in LED screen in accordance with your plants current health. The device displays a smiling face when all conditions are favorable for your plants, whereas turns up a gloomy expression when plants are in bad condition. With the help of these expressions, you could figure out the health of your plants and take the necessary action.

It is basically a portable Bluetooth and internet-controlled device that allows connectivity to any Android/iOS devices. For easy accessibility, it comes with a SmartPlant mobile app allowing you to control the indicator as well as the watering valve. Moreover, you can check moisture level in the soil, light intensity, temperature and level of humidity for controlling water as well as amount of fertilizer accordingly.

To use this device, you just need to place it near a plant and attach its watering valve to a water source, after that sync it with your internet device via mobile app. It will then automatically start watering your plants according to environmental conditions to keep them healthy and happy.  You can also add various plant names in your app so that it instructs you about their specific needs of water and fertilizer because some plants have different requirements for growing as compared to the others.


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