Marketing Technology

Safety With A Press

The safety cuff allows you to create a safety link between you and your loved ones.

How does it work? Any woman who encounters a threatening situation on the street or elsewhere just needs to press her finger to a Cuff bracelet on her wrist. The Cuff app will alert the designated people. They will then receive the location, live audio, and other relevant information needed to help.

What’s the technology behind this? Each piece of jewelry incorporates the CuffLinc wireless device that connects with an app running on your iOS device that can send an alarm and a location to your loved ones.  If someone in your circle sends an alarm, your CuffLinc jewelry will vibrate to alert you.  The notification will also be send to your iOS device, so you’ll know who needs help and where they are located.  The CuffLinc continues to send out notifications to your circle until someone responds, so you know someone will hear your SOS.

Not only is it a great accessory to wear but a perfect gift for all of independent ladies to ensure her safety!


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