Marketing Technology

Fetch! App For Your Canines

As its name suggests, Fetch has to do with dogs. Essentially, it’s an app that recognizes images of dogs and classifies them by breeds.

The app lets you take or load a photo of a dog. It then analyzes the image to tell you which breed the dog is. If the breed is unknown, it will show a percentage of the closest matched breed, and the the top five breeds that a dog could essentially be. Tapping the matched breed shows more information and images for the breed along with supplementary links provided by Bing.

Just for fun, Fetch also lets you take or load photos of yourself and your friends to find out what dog breeds you’ll closely resemble and why. No two pictures yield the same result. You could resemble a Doberman Pinscher in one photo (sunglasses, no makeup) or a Pekingese (no glasses, makeup) in another.

But what if you take or load a photo of something other than a dog or a human? Well, Fetch is smart enough to know that the photo is of neither a dog nor a human. This happens with the help of artificial intelligence. If you take a photo of your cat, Fetch will say, “No dogs found! Hmmm … This looks more like … cat?” And if you load a photo of a flower, it will guess that the object in the image looks more like a flower.

Apart from this, Fetch also includes a scrapbook section where you can track of all your images and results, and a collection of breeds with information on disposition, size, coat, and what types of families are best suited for each.




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