Marketing Technology

A Cloud That Rains Tequila

The Mexico Tourism Board has invented a tequila cloud that produces real raindrops of tequila. It’s true! The tequila-loving nation has roped in the help of an American marketing company called LAPIZ to entice German tourists to holiday in Mexico. With the tequila cloud in existence, they are now hoping for tourists to flood the country.

The hi-tech system uses ultrasonic humidifiers, which vibrate tequila at a frequency that transforms it into a visible mist.  The mist then goes into a plastic container where it mixes with vapour to form a cloud. When the vapour condenses, it then forms into droplets of alcoholic rain.

The alcohol-emitting cloud is programmed to dispense tequila when it is raining outside in a bid to tempt Germans to sunnier climes. Fancy a drink? You can now hold your glass underneath the visible mist and collect a shot of tequila from the boozy rain.


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