Marketing Technology

Toyota’s Oculus Rift App

Toyota’s new app for the device aims to raise awareness about the dangers of “distracted driving” with the help of Oculus rift. Wondering what is Oculus rift? The Oculus Rift is a VR headset that lets people step inside their virtual worlds.

This TeenDrive365 application is pitched as a “distracted driving simulator”, where the driver is actually seated in a stationary Toyota vehicle in the demo booth, and uses the gas, brake and steering wheel in the virtual environment. It challenges people to drive safely amidst distractions from virtual text messages, passengers, radio and traffic noises including honking, sirens, and your annoying friends arguing you about meaningless nonsense. Stereo headphones complete the experience by pumping in realistic sounds.

This simulator is part of Toyota’s larger TeenDrive365 project, which includes a number of resources, such as tools, advice and event listings, to help new drivers get accustomed to driving, hopefully avoiding serious incidents along the way.


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