Marketing Technology

Invisible Mercedez-Benz On The Streets

Mercedes-Benz has created a new, innovative commercial to promote a vehicle that uses F-CELL hydrogen technology. Designed to advertise about the car’s ability to produce zero emissions and protect the environment, Mercedes-Benz covered the entire automobile in several mats of LEDs on the driver side of the car and mounted a Canon EOS 5D Mark II digital SLR camera on the opposite side of the vehicle. The Canon 5D Mark II shoots a video on the passenger side of the car and the video is displayed in real time on the driver side of the automobile.

A video of this has been made. In the video, the car was being driven around by a Mercedes-Benz representative on the streets of Germany. It shows consumers staring at the car passing by. As the car moves along the road, the LED lights periodically fade to black and display a text advertisement. The translation of the advertisement is “Invisible to the environment. F-CELL with 0.0 emissions.” The video also shows off the ability of the LED lights to camouflage the vehicle when parked in an urban city as well as a wooded area.


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