Marketing Technology

Beat The Heat With A McFlurry

On hot, summer days, a McFlurry can really work wonders. McDonald’s thinks so too. Fast food giant, McDonald’s read the minds of overheated passers-by perfectly, when temperatures hit record-breaking levels in the Netherlands.

An innovative idea brought about by McDonald’s along with an outdoor ad company  JCdecaux, was to dispense free McFlurry cups when the temperature was at its peak. McDonald’s Netherlands created a billboard containing 100 McFlurry cups. The Billboard was operated through heat-sensitive panels that opens up when the temperature reaches a fixed point i.e. 101.48°F.

Inside the panels, there were 100 McFlurry cups comprising of flavors including McFlurry KitKat, McFlurry Rocky Road, McFlurry M&M’s and McFlurry Stroop Waffle. People could grab a cup of McFlurry and head to the nearest McDonald’s outlet to collect their free ice-cream.

McFlurry is one of the most popular offerings of ice-creams by McDonald’s across the world. Through this outdoor campaign, McDonald’s has proved itself as the company that brings happiness to peoples lives.


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