Marketing Technology

A Beer Dispenser Triggered By Headbanging

Every October, beer lovers in India begin the count down to The Great Indian Octoberfest, where music, good times and barrels of beer flow in plenty. With each passing year, The Great Indian Octoberfest gets bigger and better, making it an interesting challenge to provide exceptional user experience.

To enhance the user experience at this beer festival, Kingfisher combined the love for rock music with the love for beer. It was interesting to capture to what lengths a true beer lover would go to! So voila, presenting the world’s first Beer Dispenser Machine that dispenses beer when you head-bang to it – the Good Times Dispenser!

The mechanics were simple. A person had to login to his or her Facebook account, strap on a helmet that captured the head’s movements and head-bang in front of a beer vending machine. A mobile device attached to the helmet recorded the number of head-bangs generated, and the count was displayed on an LCD screen.

Through motion capture technology, the action of headbanging caused beer cans to be dispensed from the machine. Within 30 seconds, a person had to head-bang as much as he or she could. Also, the faster a person head-banged, the more beer he or she won. Users also had the opportunity to share their conquests on their social networking accounts.

The results were phenomenal, as expected! Crowds of beer lovers lined up to experience the machine by head-banging, and most came back for a second round. Dizzying headbanging sessions took place, with some people walking away with as many as 6 cans of beer all at once! 100’s of beer cans were dispensed over a course of 3 days and nearly 1,00,000 head-bangs were generated in 3 days with almost 3,00,000 impressions online.

This platform proved to be the perfect opportunity for Kingfisher as they managed to integrate the online experience with the offline visitor. Moreover, there was plenty of room to capture the crowd’s reactions, which judging by the response, was well beyond expectations!


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