Marketing Technology

The Lipton Tea-mometer

Lipton Ice Tea needed an activation that would sustain their ‘Never lose your cool’ proposition. To ensure that consumers stay refreshed even on hot, sunny days, they developed the Tea-mometer – a temperature activated vending machine.

The Tea-mometer makes use of touchscreen technology, housed in a life-size Lipton Ice Tea can-like structure. The vending machine cools consumers down according to their body temperature (and heart rate). Those recording higher levels are cooled down with multiple samples of Lipton ice tea cans distributed according to their needs. Feeling a bit too chilled, the vending machine would recommend a few unusual ways to warm up such as hula hooping, dancing, or doing some sort of exercise to warm up before trying again. All the warm-ups were recorded with iPads so that they could be shared instantly with social media.

 This latest Lipton Ice Tea installment has been a huge success nationally, grabbing the attention of bloggers and the media alike! It even visited university campuses, shopping malls and music festival sites.

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