Marketing Technology

Magnum Infinity’s Virtual Ice-Cream Bar

Unilever’s luxurious Magnum Ice Cream has recently launched a new iconic product line, Magnum Infinity. The reinvented decadent chocolate treat brought a pleasurable experience to all passers-by who participated in this interactive campaign. Australia’s first outdoor facial recognition billboard for Magnum Infinity, was on display in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The Magnum Infinity is themed around ‘intense pleasure for longer.’

The campaign started off with a teaser consumer promotion in front of Sydney’s Customs House, which saw a dramatic exhibition of dancers emerge from a branded Magnum Infinity box. The campaign has since been promoted nationwide through TV, Magazines, PR and Outdoor & Digital Advertising.

The billboard uses a camera with facial recognition technology that provides the user with instructions via a 3-step screensaver. After smiling to activate the billboard, the user begins to bite the Magnum Infinity on the billboard. With each attempt made at biting the ice cream, the camera in the billboard will register the user’s mouth movements and imitate it by biting the ice cream displayed on the screen. Users can also smile for their photo to be uploaded on to the Streets Magnum Facebook page.

Through this campaign, they wanted to bring about a pleasurable experience of the new Magnum Infinity in a fun and realistic manner. Well, this interactive concept of the facial recognition billboard does just that! They hoped that this experience would lead passer-by’s to trying the real Magnum Infinity ice cream.

The latest technology used, combined with the art of great storytelling was able to deliver a highly immersive, unforgettable experience to the commuters in Australia.


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