Marketing Technology

Mercedes Benz : Creating Day At Night

Night View Assist, an infrared technology by Mercedes-Benz, gives drivers a better view in the dark. To promote Night View Assist from Mercedes-Benz, FHV BBDO created a ‘Day at Night’ sensation in Amsterdam.

During the day, they took pictures of a street in Amsterdam and combined them with the same infrared technology used by Night View Assist while at night, those pictures were beamed in front of passing cars. The drivers and audience literally experienced day at night.

Night View Assist of Mercedes-Benz (available for S-Class) works with an infrared and thermal camera. The latter ‘recognizes’ in the dark (at speeds from 60 km / h). People are already noticed at a distance of 160 meters, animals at 100 meters – even before the driver can actually see them.

Pedestrians and animals are immediately marked on the display of the dashboard, allowing the driver to anticipate before hand. In addition, pedestrians within range of the camera are warned by flashing light rays of the headlights. In animals, this spotlight function is suppressed because their response to light signals could be unpredictable.



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