Marketing Technology

Coca Cola : The Social Robot

Thousands of Israeli teens visit the annual Coca-Cola Summer Love event for an unforgettable experience of friends, music and fun. It’s an event they wait an entire year for.

However, since every teen could not attend this event, Coca-Cola Israel shares the experience with as many teens as possible. Wondering how? The Social Robot is the answer.

Coca-Cola’s Social Robot allowed teenagers in Israel to join in the fun of the Coca-Cola Summer Love Festival, from their computers at home. The special robots carried webcams and microphones and were controlled by users who couldn’t physically be there. Users could control of the robots and navigate them around the campus – talk to their friends, watch the shows, participate in the competitions, joining in real conversations with people at the event, and be part of the entire experience while sitting at home.

The robots were a hit among the teens – they welcomed them to the camp, danced with them, sunbathed with them and surprised them. They became the stars of the show, as well as media magnets. But most importantly, they allowed everyone to share and be part of the experience, thus bringing a smile to a lot of teens.


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