Marketing Technology

British Airways Virtual Reality Tour

British Airways provided customers an opportunity to explore a destination before actually travelling there. Wondering how? With the help of virtual reality! They transported passengers from the streets of Europe to the States with the help of virtual reality.

Taking the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset outdoors, the airline wanted to encourage the public to ‘make their US trip a reality’, using pre-filmed footage including ice skating in New York, rodeo bull riding in Texas and running along the coast in LA.

British Airways used the Oculus Rift VR headsets to provide great US experiences to the users. The experiences came to life with the use of high quality 360 degree video. Six cameras on a specially designed rig were used to shoot real life footage of the location. The six videos were then joined together to create a 360 degree experience. This footage was used in the virtual reality experiences to provide the customers with a real life feeling of being transported to the actual locations in the US.

Many frequent travelers found this concept really amazing as they were able to virtually step into a destination before actually getting there or even purchasing a ticket. Not only does this help passengers check out a destination before they arrive but also inspires them to travel to new holiday destinations.



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