Marketing Technology

‘Sound Penalty’ For Over-Speeding

Most ads related to rash and reckless driving showcases shocking images or descriptions of fatal accidents to impress upon drivers the dangers of over-speeding. However , people still speed.

Brazilian agency, 3yz, and partner, Radio SulAmérica Paradiso FM, came up with an idea that was completely different. Immediate and annoying punishments were given to drivers who resorted to speeding. The idea had a 100% success rate. Of the 2,000 people who received punishments, none had to be punished the second time.

At 7 P.M, every radio station in Brazil was forced to air a government news program, The Government Hour. This law existed for 82 hours and it was considered a nightmare. Radio SulAmérica Paradiso FM in Rio de Janeiro had an app that commuters can use to avoid Government Hour and listen to its normal radio broadcast instead.

It was this app that 3yz used to dole out its punishments for speeding drivers in Rio, the city with the 8th worst traffic in the world. The app measures the speed of the car it is being used in, and its location. If a driver goes over the speed limit, the app lets the driver know and punishes him or her with one minute of the tedious Government Hour program. When this minute is over, all the driver has to do is stay within the speed limit to keep the Paradiso radio program playing.

Now you know why they called it the “Sound Penalty.” It took listeners from Paradiso to Inferno in an instant, inferno being the Portuguese word for “hell.”


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