Marketing Technology

KitKat’s Interactive Promotional Packaging

The KitKat team were on a search for people to join ‘The Breakers Party’ and they had the chance to win the break of a lifetime. By entering this competition, consumers also had a chance to be awarded with the title of Minister for Shopping, Tech, Music, Travel or Sports, with prizes up to $23,000 towards their chosen break.

To stand a chance of winning, consumers were invited to purchase any promotional KitKat with the Shazam packaging, visit their website and follow the prompts. ‘Shazaming’ was easy, consumers simply needed to open the Shazam app on their smartphone, hold the phone over the front of the KitKat and then tap the camera icon to visually Shazam the packaging.

Visual recognition was part of Shazam’s connect for brands product offerings. When coupled with the app’s existing audio recognition capabilities, it allowed marketers, for the first time, to make all consumer facing touch points clickable; including traditional media, POS and packaging thus, building a bridge between physical to digital.

The promotion was rolled out via Shazam-enabled packaging, TVC’s, digital marketing and social media, as part of a fully integrated campaign.

Shazam’s one touch audio and visual recognition, coupled with the scale of their waterfront property on millions of smartphones added an exciting layer of interactivity and engagement to KitKat’s campaign.



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