Marketing Technology

Samsung’s NFC Technology Promotions

Near field communication technology, in short NFC technology, is based on special chips which are wireless and allow transfer of various types of information between two devices. In order to do this, all you need to do is to hold your phone against the other and get the necessary data into your phone. Isn’t it great?

In order to promote the use of NFC technology in its Galaxy smartphones, the brand used NFC technology inside a bus stop billboard and motivated people to tap its stickers to download various types of cool multimedia content.

Samsung placed billboards in high-traffic city zones (bus stops, market malls, airports, cinema halls, etc) to promote its NFC technology. The billboards had stylish people holding a Samsung Galaxy with an NFC chip inside of it. So it was enough to put one’s phone of the same model against the poster and there was an opportunity to get good content in seconds. This caught the attention many customers and got them involved into absolutely unique opportunities of Samsung devices. Customer engagement was three times higher than it had been planned.

This is one of the most unique examples of how the company implemented interactive features of NFC technology to catch its customers attention and most importantly, to involve them with absolutely unique opportunities of Samsung devices.

As we can see NFC technology became an effective development and marketing tool for Samsung to remind people that the company is keeping up with the times, has all the perspectives to set the trends and works fully to satisfy its customers’ needs.


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