Marketing Technology

L’oreal’s Make-Up Genius App

For decades, we have all ventured to a local department store to get our makeup done by an expert. Its probably because trying on makeup is key to getting the right look. But isn’t this process time-consuming? Well, this is what made L’oreal come up with a new app which literally changed the way we try on makeup.

The Makeup Genius App offers you an instant makeover using real products and real inspirations. The app uses one-of-a-kind technology that recognizes your facial characteristics to ensure a seamless virtual makeup application experience. It allows customers to virtually try on 4,500 of the cosmetic brand’s catalogue of products using their smartphone or tablet. You can also browse through a library of looks from expert makeup designers or just have fun trying on new makeup yourself.

The Makeup Genius app applies bronzer, eyeshadow, lip gloss, and eyeliner in real time using facial recognition technology, enabling the virtual make up to stay in place as you move your face. The technology captures 64 facial data points and 100 different facial expressions to accurately place the make up. The app scans your face, and then allows you to try out different products or entire make up looks. You can then save your selfie, share it on social media, and even purchase products directly through the app.



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