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Blippar: Augmented Reality App

Augmented Reality (AR) is all around us already being used in a variety of ways.  It can be characterized by virtual objects layered over a real-world environment. AR can be used anywhere because it doesn’t block out the real world. AR takes the tools we’re accustomed to like smartphones and tablets and greatly enhances their capability.

Blippar  is a mobile augmented reality advertising platform which spices up print ads with video, games,animations and an app also used to find nutritional information on food items with a simple scan.

Due to the availability of smartphones and tablets, you can take advantage of augmented reality fairly easily. Blippar allows you to scan and read nutritional information. Perfect for counting calories! The food scanner allows you to know what you eating,and what’s made off,on the go.

Interactions offer mobile coupons, m-commerce, 2d overlay, 3d overlay, location based service, video play, gamification, image tracking, object recognition, product recognition and much more.

Marketing Technology

Digitsole Smartshoes Using Artificial Intelligence Technology

A combination of both footwear and advanced technology ,using Artificial Intelligence to boost fitness. Digitsole has developed the first connected, interactive, heated, shock absorbent shoes with automatic tightening controlled via smartphone.

Using the companion mobile app, user can  monitor how hard you hit the ground with each step. The app provides a view of your overall impact rate as well as left-to-right balance. The live data feed comes with coaching tips that can be implemented mid-run, allowing runners to adjust their habits in real-time.

It enables the users to track their activity (distance, steps, calories…) and make sure
they have reliable data since the tracker is directly embedded in the insole.It also allows you  to never have cold feet again, thanks to the embedded smart heating system.

Marketing Technology

Influencer Marketing Technology

Influencer marketing goes hand in hand with marketing technology. Content is the king and creating something innovative is always going to get you those extra views.
Use of AI, AR, VR, and Sensors can definitely add oomph factor and build curiosity amongst the participants. Riding on such innovation is always easy and recommendable, as the virality factor and the newness in the content is a clean win.

Marketing Technology

Live Poster

The quest to get drawn towards something unknown is embedded in human tendency. For some, they call it curiosity and others, it’s a forbidden land.

We got this brief from one of the most prominent digital agency to work with them on this innovation, that they were planning to co-create for their client. The purpose was simply to make a motion sensing billboard, which can attract the wannabe consumers.

We started by simplifying the complex brief and planned a run down with the technology team. The team of engineers, who have been dealing with such problems every day in and out.

Motion Sensors, Fabrication, Video and sound engineers were all ready to amalgamate their synergies for a fantabulous innovation.

The creation of this Live poster is another landmark in motion sensing techniques.

Marketing Technology

Hyundai’s Virtual AR Guide

Hyundai was the first automaker to launch an augmented reality owner’s manual app.

The Hyundai Virtual Guide app was the brand’s modern take on the traditional owner’s manual, allowing consumers to use their smartphone or tablet computer to get how-to information about repairs, maintenance and vehicle features. They modernized the idea of an owner’s manual to provide the highest-quality user experience for the growing population of tech savvy consumers. This new app recognizes more than 45 major features of the Sonata and is available for free download on the Apple App store and Google Play.

The Virtual Guide was aimed at educating car owners on how to use the functions and features of their vehicle. Hyundai used quality consumer survey results to determine the top difficult-to-use features that was to be incorporated into the Virtual Guide. The app also contains 82 how-to videos, six 3D overlay images that appear once users scan areas of their vehicle like the engine bay and more than 50 informational guides.

The Hyundai Virtual Guide uses two- and three-dimensional tracking technology to deliver deep levels of information related to different parts of the car. Users simply position their phone or tablet’s camera over the part of the car that they want to learn more about.

The Hyundai Virtual Guide can virtually identify and provide how-to information on the following features:

  • Air filter
  • Smart Cruise Control
  • Bluetooth phone pairing
  • Warning indicators
  • Clock
  • Engine oil
  • Brake fluid
  • Fuse box
  • Smart trunk

The in-vehicle Car Care app put the owner’s manual right inside the vehicle’s touchscreen, giving customers the services and information they want the most, when and where they need them the most i.e, right inside the car.

Marketing Technology

Philips #HealthySmile Campaign

In order to promote The World Oral Health Day in March, the renowned dental brand Philips took the lead. Here’s how :

For the week running up to the World Oral Health Day, four bus shelters in Amsterdam were re-branded for the dental brand, Philips. The bus shelters were fully wrapped with tile-patterned stickers to make them look just like bathrooms.

On the top of them was a special banner with the slogan, ‘Get your #HealthySmile here’, which advertised the hashtag to promote the campaign online.

Inside, there was a pop-up bathroom with a special build basin and mirror, and brand ambassadors giving advice to the public about the importance of good oral hygiene. By taking a selfie next to the bathroom, and posting it online with the hashtag, the public were in with a chance of winning a free Sonicare toothbrush. During the week, the commuters had an opportunity to try the toothbrushes, and when they turned them on, the floor of the bus shelter started vibrating.


Marketing Technology

Birdly : The Virtual Reality Simulator

The intention of Birdly is to fulfill people’s ancient dream of flying.

Visually immersed through a Head Mounted Display, you are embedded in a high resolution virtual landscape charged with interactive zones and entertaining surprises.

Unlike any other flight simulator, you do not conquer the sky with a joystick, mouse and lots of buttons: you simply embody and soar like a graceful bird. You command your flight with arms and hands which directly correlates to the wings (flapping) and the primary feathers of the bird (navigation). This input is reflected in the flight model of the bird and returned as a physical feedback by the simulator through nick, roll and heave movements.

It simulates the bird’s flying field of view while the users lay flat on Birdly’s platform with both hands strapped on the arm rest which is supposed to simulate bird’s wings.  Users will be wearing an Oculus headset to experience the immersive flying trip!

To evoke an intense and immersive flying adventure, the development team vigorously relies on precise sensory-motor coupling and strong visual impact. Additionally,  Birdly includes sonic, and wind feedback: according to the speed the simulator regulates the headwind from a fan mounted in front of you.

What’s fascinating about this device is the possibilities that could come along with it. Your weekends could be filled with flying around Yellowstone National Park or visiting the Great Wall Of China.