Marketing Technology

British Airways Virtual Reality Tour

British Airways provided customers an opportunity to explore a destination before actually travelling there. Wondering how? With the help of virtual reality! They transported passengers from the streets of Europe to the States with the help of virtual reality.

Taking the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset outdoors, the airline wanted to encourage the public to ‘make their US trip a reality’, using pre-filmed footage including ice skating in New York, rodeo bull riding in Texas and running along the coast in LA.

British Airways used the Oculus Rift VR headsets to provide great US experiences to the users. The experiences came to life with the use of high quality 360 degree video. Six cameras on a specially designed rig were used to shoot real life footage of the location. The six videos were then joined together to create a 360 degree experience. This footage was used in the virtual reality experiences to provide the customers with a real life feeling of being transported to the actual locations in the US.

Many frequent travelers found this concept really amazing as they were able to virtually step into a destination before actually getting there or even purchasing a ticket. Not only does this help passengers check out a destination before they arrive but also inspires them to travel to new holiday destinations.


Marketing Technology

Peggy : The World’s Smartest Clothes Peg

OMO, Australian laundry detergent brand has teamed with J. Walter Thompson Sydney to launch ‘Peggy’. It is the world’s smartest clothes peg developed as part of OMO’s ‘real play’ marketing strategy, Dirt is Good.

A new research revealed that parents wanted to spend more time playing with their child, rather than on everyday chores. Aimed at lightening the load for families and spending more time with their kids, Peggy informs users of the best time to do the washing according to a range of weather indicators. Taking familiar design cues from a vintage timber peg, it can monitor fluctuations in temperature, humidity and UV sunlight.

Peggy also takes the macro weather data available from weather forecasting services and combines them with micro weather data to provide accurate drying times and weather indicators pertinent to your home.

Peggy then notifies families of these changes and updates via push notifications, in a bid to free them up for the moments that really matter. Peggy exists to make the washing experience of users as smooth and easy as possible.

In today’s complex and hyper-connected world, top brands believe that they have a responsibility to create a positive change. OMO’s commitment is to find ways to help lighten the load for parents and to get children to develop their full potential through play.

Marketing Technology

Coca Cola : The Social Robot

Thousands of Israeli teens visit the annual Coca-Cola Summer Love event for an unforgettable experience of friends, music and fun. It’s an event they wait an entire year for.

However, since every teen could not attend this event, Coca-Cola Israel shares the experience with as many teens as possible. Wondering how? The Social Robot is the answer.

Coca-Cola’s Social Robot allowed teenagers in Israel to join in the fun of the Coca-Cola Summer Love Festival, from their computers at home. The special robots carried webcams and microphones and were controlled by users who couldn’t physically be there. Users could control of the robots and navigate them around the campus – talk to their friends, watch the shows, participate in the competitions, joining in real conversations with people at the event, and be part of the entire experience while sitting at home.

The robots were a hit among the teens – they welcomed them to the camp, danced with them, sunbathed with them and surprised them. They became the stars of the show, as well as media magnets. But most importantly, they allowed everyone to share and be part of the experience, thus bringing a smile to a lot of teens.

Marketing Technology

Eat And Chew On Virtual Food

Dr. Ranasinghe and his collegue, Ellen Yi-Luen Do began their study on emulation of food flavor and texture using thermal stimulation. They came up with a square tool with thermo-electric elements attached to it.

At the 2016 ACM User Interface Software and Technology Symposium (UIST) in Tokyo, participants tested this technology by touching the square with the tip of the tongue. The tool changes its temperature based on the food being simulated. 50% of the participants reported a sensation of spiciness when the device was warmer (around 35 °C) and a minty taste when it was cooler (18 °C).

But food isn’t just about taste – texture is every bit as important. A team from the University of Tokyo presented a device that uses electricity to simulate the experience of chewing foods of different textures. Arinobu Niijima and Takefumi Ogawa‘s Electric Food Texture System uses electrodes placed on the masseter muscle (a muscle in the jaw used for chewing) to give sensations of hardness or chewiness as a user bites down. There isn’t any food in the mouth, but users feel as if they are chewing some food due to haptic feedback by electrical muscle stimulation.

The team will develop the idea by targeting additional muscles in the jaw to create more complex textures, and combining the electrical stimulation with other sensory inputs, such as chewing sounds.

According to Dr. Ranasinghe, his experiments will be useful to people on a restricted diet, as well as for diabetics. For others, satisfying our cravings will be totally guilt-free!

Marketing Technology

Carlsberg Friendtastic Interactive Machine

The Carlsberg Friendtastic Machine is all about celebrating friendship. It puts to test the ‘closeness’ of friendship and rewards true friends with an ice cold Carlsberg.

This one-of-a-kind vending machine gives friends a chance to strengthen their ties and camaraderie in a fun way, while also being rewarded with ice cold Carlsberg beers.

This machine scales up its difficulty level to match the number of people playing. It is an epic version of touch screen arcade games but with a unique Carlsberg twist. With a minimum of 2 and supporting up to 5 players, this is an ultimate dexterity arcade game which requires players to closely coordinate with each other in order to accomplish all 3 fun challenges.

A can of ice cold Carlsberg will be dispensed to each player as soon as the group completes the game successfully. What’s more, lucky friends did even win themselves surprise gifts in addition to beer.

Marketing Technology

The Samsung Safety Truck

Samsung Electronics in Argentina unveiled to the public the first-ever Samsung Safety Truck, a technology for trucks which seeks to prevent road accidents while overtaking a vehicle in front of you.

Most of these accidents occur on two-lane roads and particularly in situations of overtaking, so this kind of technology could indeed prove something of a boon for drivers. An added advantage of this is that it may reduce the risk of accidents caused by sudden braking or animals crossing the road.

The Samsung Safety Truck leverages two built-in front cameras and a specially-designed Ingematica transportation software platform to capture and transmit a picture of the road ahead, enabling trailing vehicles to evaluate more accurately passing potential and make more informed driving decisions. Each picture is made available to nearby drivers through a high-quality display composed of four Samsung OH46D video walls. Designed to be dust-proof and waterproof, the OHD Series video walls are IP56 certified for superior performance against even the most challenging environmental conditions, ensuring a clear picture regardless of the road or weather. There’s even a night vision mode to allow the system to be fully functional after sunset.

This could revolutionize road safety and curb plenty of accidents from taking place.

Marketing Technology

Mercedes Benz : Creating Day At Night

Night View Assist, an infrared technology by Mercedes-Benz, gives drivers a better view in the dark. To promote Night View Assist from Mercedes-Benz, FHV BBDO created a ‘Day at Night’ sensation in Amsterdam.

During the day, they took pictures of a street in Amsterdam and combined them with the same infrared technology used by Night View Assist while at night, those pictures were beamed in front of passing cars. The drivers and audience literally experienced day at night.

Night View Assist of Mercedes-Benz (available for S-Class) works with an infrared and thermal camera. The latter ‘recognizes’ in the dark (at speeds from 60 km / h). People are already noticed at a distance of 160 meters, animals at 100 meters – even before the driver can actually see them.

Pedestrians and animals are immediately marked on the display of the dashboard, allowing the driver to anticipate before hand. In addition, pedestrians within range of the camera are warned by flashing light rays of the headlights. In animals, this spotlight function is suppressed because their response to light signals could be unpredictable.